Tower Hand

Viper Communications   Ocala, FL   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
Posted on May 28, 2021

Tower Hand

Building Communication Towers

Travel, Good Pay & Benefits,

Overtime Available

Starting at $15.00/Hour. 

Our Company has been in Ocala, Florida for 16 years.  We have extensive knowledge in the communication industry with over a hundred years of combined experience in ownership alone.

Requires working knowledge of Microwave equipment

Troubleshoot and fix on connectors and Antenna system

Ability to Install coaxial cable on towers, rooftop - any structure UMTS Experience in completing full grounding installations, tower demolition, tower stripping and painting (erect and horizontal)

Knowledge of standard knots Ability to work closely with others

Team Player

Lead work on tower top, looking after all aspects of work while at the tower top, ensuring that a quality installation has been performed, including rigging, hoisting, landing, fastening, load hopping, etc.

Installation of up-top equipment including masts, clamping, bracing, supports, antennas, RRUs, cabling, bolting, true-ing up, shooting proper azimuth within tolerances, reading maps and a compass, torquing to spec, labeling, picture-taking, documentation, plumb and tilt readings with smart level, etc.

Closeout requirements are an absolute must.

Perform coax, fiber, lines, and hybrid cable installation, connector installation, sweep and testing assisting, weatherproofing, color-coding, labeling, etc. connect coax feed-lines and jumpers per piping diagrams, and support and fasten adequately for a quality, lasting installation.

Do grounding, terminations, fastening, proper bolting and antioxidant use, support of leads, cad-welding as required, etc.

Assist on overall job on groundwork as well, all tasks required to build and install a site per customer specs, maintain safe work environment, daily use and completion of JSA forms, assisting with overall crew work, maintenance of vehicles and equipment, etc.

Will continue to work towards training and certifications for tower related work.

Must know how to read and understand drawings, piping diagrams, job specifications, mounting specs, testing procedures, etc. Must be able to work in a team environment on the crew and be a valued member of the team and the company.