Pave Rite

Lecanto , FL

Heavy Equipment and Truck Mechanic

Pave Rite
Lecanto, FL Full-time
Posted on February 8, 2019

Experienced Heavy Equipment & Truck Mechanic

A Heavy Equipment Mechanic is primarily responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of heavy equipment. A Heavy Equipment Mechanic is primarily responsible to fix any heavy equipment that might break down. A Heavy Equipment Mechanic primary objective is to follow the instructions given to him by the shop foreman. A Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and adjusts hydraulic pumps, safety valves, and load packers on garbage and dump trucks. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic is expected to attend special training and familiarization workshops dealing with innovations in heavy equipment operations, repairs, and maintenance. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic inspects repairs and adjusts diesel power units, hydraulic systems, injection valves and systems, mold boards, and scarifies on road graders. He must also inspect, adjust and repair gasoline and diesel tractors, and hydraulic and cable operated attachments on tractors. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and maintains trenching machines and sets proper grade.Must have tools, good driving record, competitive wage and benefit package.