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Posted on September 9, 2022

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Groomer Duties & Responsibilities
A groomer’s daily duties may include:
•    Bathing and clipping dogs to conform to a variety of breed-specific standard styles
•    Detangling and removing matted hair
•    Drying the coat
•    Checking for parasites and other skin conditions
•    Trimming & capping nails
•    Cleaning and plucking ears
•    Expressing anal sacs
•    Brushing teeth
•    Adding bows for long or curly haired breeds such as Poodles and Shi Tzu’s
The groomer is also responsible for accommodating any special requests from the owner and informing owners of any health problems discovered during the grooming process.

This profession requires the following skills:

•    Grooming skills: The ability to groom different breeds of dogs according to their hair types

•    Interpersonal skills: The ability to work well with others such as dog owners, employees, and grooming assistants

•    Analytical skills: The ability to assess the behavior and condition of each dog

•    Physical and mental stamina: The ability to groom large, overly excited, or frightened dogs without getting hurt or injuring the animals

•    Familiarity with animal behavior: The ability to determine an animal's behavior and use techniques, such as a treat, to keep them calm and safe

•    Health knowledge: The ability to recognize common illnesses, such as skin disorders, watery eyes and nose possibly due to allergies, or a sprain

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