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Posted on June 11, 2024

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As a Dog Bather, you will be responsible for ensuring the cleanliness, hygiene, and well-being of dogs in a grooming salon or pet care facility. Your primary duty will be to bathe dogs using appropriate techniques and products, preparing them for grooming or as a standalone service. Your role will also involve providing basic grooming assistance, such as brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, under the supervision of a professional groomer.


Duties may include but not limited to:

  1. Bathing dogs of various breeds and sizes using appropriate shampoos and conditioners.
  2. Thoroughly rinsing and drying dogs, ensuring they are clean and comfortable.
  3. Brushing and detangling fur to minimize matting and shedding.
  4. Trimming dog nails to a safe and appropriate length.
  5. Cleaning and inspecting dogs' ears for signs of infection or irritation.
  6. Assisting groomers in restraining dogs during grooming procedures.
  7. Maintaining cleanliness and organization in the bathing area, including sanitizing equipment and surfaces.
  8. Monitoring dogs for any signs of discomfort or health issues and reporting them to the groomer or supervisor.
  9. Providing exceptional customer service by addressing clients' concerns and ensuring their satisfaction with the bathing services.

Ms Marias Grooming LLC

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