Covenant Children's Home

Dunnellon , FL

Live In and Relief House Parents

Covenant Children's Home
Dunnellon, FL Full-time
Posted on September 11, 2018

Live In House Parents Full/Time & Relief House Parents Part/Time

For relief work with non-theraputic children in a local Christian group home.

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A foster home unlike the rest: Covenant Children's Home By Olana Osborn.

Posted: Wednesday 12:19 pm, August 01, 2018 Dunnellon , Fla.,

(WCJB) -- "He feels like a dad to me, because I’ve never had a dad before, my dad died when I was one year old,” said a foster child at Covenant Children's Home in Dunnellon. Every two minutes a child enters into the Florida foster care system, but at CCH, they do things different from the rest. “So instead of having fifteen or twenty kids, we want to be a family, keep 6 or 7 kids together, keep brothers and sisters together, and just bring them into a loving home where they can be kids,” said Jody Davis, executive director of CCH. Davis says they do more than give these kids "three hots and a cot" — saying they go the extra mile rather than just feeding the kids and giving them a place to sleep. "We’ve had kids that come in one to two years behind in school, or maybe not even knowing how to read," Davis said, "And we have taken them from there, to last year all of our kids were on A/B honor roll and even won a lot of academic awards.”House parent Rebecca says she went from having one biological child to having many kids she considers her own.

“We give them the love and the care that they deserve and that they long for,” she said.She says her heart is full,“you have so many kids that give you the extra hugs and the extra ‘i love you’s’, and really adapt to being your child,”And yet broken at the same time. “Imagine what it’s like to watch your child live with a broken heart, so that would break yours, and it does ours, we see that they long to go back to there families, they long to find a family, because we do have some kids up for adoption, that just want a loving family.”State law prohibits us from showing these kids’ faces, but one twelve year old says that CCH is better than the rest. “I've been at seven other homes it feels much better, because its usually scary around them because usually there’s lots of fighting in other homes,"The foster child says e says his life has improved in more than just finding a new family at this home, saying he is proud of improving his grades from D's and F's to A's and B's.And at CCH, they say their success with these kids is all due to their faith. “It’s been such a blessing, and of course, Christ comes first," Davis said, "We are a faith-based, Christian organization. That is the main thing to make a difference in their life, and giving them the opportunity for a Christian life.