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Crystal River , FL

Cabinet Man / Cabinet Installer

Citrus Custom Cabinets
Crystal River, FL Full-time
Posted on November 16, 2018

Cabinet Man / Cabinet Installer

Experience Required,  Long time Established business.

Description below does not apply to everyone, will hire the right person.

Job Responsibilities:

Construct and assemble cabinet components, making sure that all pieces fit the dimensions specified by the foreman and client. Verify and double check all calculations to ensure alignment of doors, hinges and side panels, always using blueprints or design plans for reference. Clean and repair all equipment necessary for your work, including handsaws, table saws, skill saws, and a variety of drills and sanding tools. Be exact in measurements and markings so that materials will be used efficiently and the projects will meet budgetary restrictions. Install the appropriate hardware, such as hinges and handles, and order replacement materials when needed. Match materials and grains to create a uniform appearance for all the matching units. Reinforce joints and attachments to maximize sturdiness and durability without compromising aesthetic appeal or functionality. Maintain a safe working environment by cleaning and disposing of old materials, such as nails and screws.

Job Skills & Qualifications Required:

Understanding of necessary mathematics. Knowledge of materials and processing. Applicable engineering and design skills. Attention to detail.


High school diploma or equivalent. Two or more years of cabinetmaking experience.